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VZ Security Pages: Personal information

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Personal information

Personal details can reveal a lot about a user, because they create a direct link to a person. Some of this information is important for the use of VZ (your email address, for example), others are provided voluntary. Personal information includes, for example:

  • Name, birthday, university or employer
  • Email addresses
  • Profile entries, such as "favourite films" or "political orientation"

Information about use of the Network

Another form of data is information about your use of the network. This is technical information that is transmitted to us while you are surfing in VZ. We may decide how long we save this data for, but we must be certain that it is anonymous – that is, it is no longer possible to determine which user it belongs to. This information includes, for example:

  • IP addresses, numbers of users, and the names of pages visited
  • Dates and times of page requests
  • URLs from which users visit VZ - so–called "referrer" URLs

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