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Everyone leaves a data trail on the internet. In VZ this includes, for example, notice board entries, photos, or profile content. According to your Privacy settings, your data can be seen either by all users, or just by your friends. Your profile picture and your name, together with your region, are always visible to everyone.

VZ profile data cannot be found using search engines – nevertheless: What you make public in VZ can be saved by other users, through screenshots, for example. In these instances, it doesn’t matter if you deleted content a long time ago. That’s why there is the saying: "The internet forgets nothing". There are also computer programs that copy and save data automatically, a process known as "crawling".

Think carefully about the data you make public:

  • Only put pictures on the internet that you are sure will never cause you embarrassment.
  • Keep track of who can see which information about you.
  • Check your published data regularly. If you don’t like something, delete it.

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