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VZ Security Pages: Control functions

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Control functions

To ensure your data has the best protection possible, you should make use of our control functions. Here’s some information about them:

  • Secure Session
    The login page contains the security function "Secure session". Activating it prevents your session from being piggy-backed by another computer that "steals" your session cookie while you’re logged in. Once activated, our system can recognise and prevent such attacks.

    The only disadvantage is that a small proportion of users may suddenly be required to login again in the middle of their sessions.
  • Last Login
    As soon as you have logged in, a small box will appear on the left of your screen indicating when you were last logged in to the VZ-Network. Further information about your last session (the IP address used, for example), can be found under My Account. If you suspect that someone has cracked your password and logged in to your account using your login data, you can check it here.

In accordance with our policy on saving IP addresses, your logins over the past 5 days will be displayed.

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