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An overview of the most important tips

Our tips help you to be as safe as possible when using meinVZ:

Your passwort [change]

  • Choose a password that only you know, and that you only use for meinVZ. You can see how secure your password is when you enter a new one under Change password.
  • Tip: Passwords that combine letters, numbers, and special characters are particularly safe. Writing words backwards doesn’t work.
  • Names of friends, relatives, pets, or favourite places are as easy to guess as birthdays, telephone numbers, license plates, etc.
  • You should avoid clear number sequences on the keyboard, passwords consisting of one character, and words relating to your hobbies and interests.

Logging in and out

  • Tip: You should only select “Remember login” if you are logging in on a computer that no-one else uses.
  • Tip: Don’t forget to logout when you are using another computer. The “logout” link can be found in the menu at the top on the right hand side.

The visibility of your profile [change]

  • In your privacy section you can select what other users can see of you, who can contact you, who can find you through the search function, etc.
  • Tip: If you don’t want everyone to be able to see your full profile you can limit its visibility. You can also select exactly what is visible on your limited profile.

Your name [change]

  • Use your real first name and surname – this is the only way that your friends can find you on meinVZ.
  • Fake or invented names prevent the network from working properly.

Your profile picture [change]

  • Use a good profile picture. One that you would be happy for your boss to see and one in which only you are visible.
  • It should be a picture that you have taken yourself or have the full rights to.
  • Tip: Think long and hard about the profile picture you choose: Every user in our network can see your profile picture – even if the rest of your page is only visible to your friends.

Your photo albums[edit]

When you create a photo album, and afterwards under “Edit album information“, you can decide who is able to view the photos. You should also select who is able to link you and your friends to your photos.

  • Photos of you and your friends, if they agree to the links.
  • Photos of others, who you have not asked and who may not agree to the links.
  • Naked pictures and photos where you are not wearing much.
  • Tip: Also think about who is able to link you. If you don’t want to be linked without agreeing to the links first, you can change the corresponding settings at any time under Privacy.

Your friends

  • You should only accpet friendship requests from people who you really know.
  • If you decline a friendship request the individual concerned will not be informed.
  • Tip: Don’t forget: When you become friends with someone in meinVZ this new friend will be able to seeall the information that is on your profile page and all of the photo albums that are visible to your friends.

Your messages

  • Please delete chain messages. Do not forward them on.
  • Tip: If someone repeatedly sends you SPAM or harasses you in another way, you can report or ignore them.

You feel harassed?

  • Ignore the person who is harassing you.
  • Report the person to the meinVZ Team
  • Tip: The “Report / Ignore“ tab can be found underneath the profile picture of the user who is harassing you. More information can be found in our Reporting guide.

And finally

  • Take the time to read through the individual areas of your privacy section and select the appropriate settings.
  • Tip: Don’t forget that the information you add in studiVZ could be seen by your employer. More information about this can be found under Application tips.
  • Tip: Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in our help section or in the meinVZ help group.