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VZ Security Pages: Terms

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General Terms & Conditions

One you create a VZ account, a contract between you and the VZ networks automatically comes into effect. We offer this internet platform and all its functions to you free of charge, and in return we expect you to abide by the rules outlined by us when using our site.

The relationship between us and the user is governed by the "General Terms & Conditions", abbreviated to Ts & Cs, which applies to all content, functions, and other services on our platform. You are therefore required upon registration to read through the Ts & Cs carefully and agree to them. You cannot have a VZ account unless you agree to them!

Our General Terms & Conditions contain, amongst other things, the rules regarding registration and deletion of your account in VZ, which services we offer to you, and what we require of you when using our websites. If these terms and conditions change you will, of course, be informed by us.

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