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Advertising formats in VZ

Here is a list of our advertising formats:

  • Special profiles: Special Profiles look similar to normal profiles, but will have "Commercial" displayed at the top right. These profiles allow commercial partners to pay money for their products to be presented in VZ. If you like the brand – a fashion label, for example – you can "like" the profile. It will then appear in "My Friends" under "I like". The Special Compass provides an overview of all special profiles.
  • Special groups: Special Groups are financed by companies. You can identify them in the group list by a small crest with an "E". The tag "Commercial" will also be displayed in the top right of the group. Videos, pictures, and links can be included in the group descriptions of special groups. They provide space for promotions and competitiions, and for new offers to be presented.
  • Banner: Advertising banners can be found in different places on VZ – around the VZ page, for example – to the left, right, and above.
  • Landing Pages: From time to time, the Showcase section will contain links to "landing pages". These are used to advertise and inform about new promotions, competitions, and new functions. You can recognise them through an "/l/" in the URL address:
  • Apps: These small applications, which you can add to your profile, are all about having fun. Some Apps are offered to you by companies, thereby simultaneously promoting their product.
  • Sponsoring: Individual promotions in VZ can be "sponsored" by advertising partners, in other words, financially supported. These can be recognized by a logo or link which leads to the product website. On other websites, or in the TV, the expression "presented by" is frequently used.

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