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VZ Security Pages: Report & ignore

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Reporting & ignoring

Use our report function to inform us about breaches of the Code of Conduct. The ignore function simply allows you to block annoying users.

Ignoring someone:

By using the ignore function, the blocked user will be unable to contact, gruschel, or link you, or look at any of your photo albums. The user will not be informed that he or she is being ignored.

  • Visit the profile of the user concerned and click on "Report / Ignore" below the profile picture.
  • Ensure there is a cross next to "Ignore (Name)" and click on "Continue".
  • People you are ignoring appear on your Ignored users list under "Privacy". You can choose to "pardon" them at any time.

Note: If you are annoyed by certain grapevine entries you can use the "Remove" function, which can be found next to each entry. Those entries that annoy you will then be removed from your grapevine.

Reporting something:

You should report users or content who break our Code of Conduct. This includes people who insult or threaten you; content that is discriminatory or offensive; private pictures that are published illegally; forbidden symbols and harassment of any nature. All reports are anonymous, meaning that the person reported will not be informed who reported him or her.

  • Click on a "Report" button (and then select "Report").
  • Select an appropriate reason and describe what has happened as clearly as possible.
  • Click on "Proceed" – our team will then investigate the matter as quickly as possible.

Tip: Take screenshots of the page concerned. This may be important later on.

Report buttons can be found in the following places:

  • profiles of other users (below the profile pictures)
  • groups (below the group picture)
  • pictures in photo albums (in the enlarged view to the top right of the picture)
  • group videos (above the video)
  • next to grapevine entries and comments on your homepage.

Joke reports

Reporting offences helps keep VZ secure. Please only send us serious and sensible reports. Reasons such as "I don’t like the user" will not be take seriously by us – on the contrary, joke reports are forbidden and can lead to a blocking of your account.

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