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Fake profiles

Someone who creates a fake profile is pretending to be someone they are not – whether real or imaginery. This is in violation of the General Terms and conditions and the Code of Conduct and is often done by people who want to send spam mail, the content of which may contain advertisements, or aim to deceive.

The creation of fake profiles that represent other, real people, is known as "Identitätsdiebstahl". (identity theft). This is against the law. If a charge is made against the creator, police may be able to find out who created the profile and ensure they are held responsible accordingly.

These profiles can often be identified by:

  • an unrealistic profile photo
  • names such as "Miley Cyrus" or "d3R_CH3CK3er"
  • fewer notice board entries (e.g. "Hey, do we know each other?")
  • few, or very low quality photos in photo albums
  • no links, or only links from photos that do not show real people.

Please note: Just because one of the above criteria is met, this does not automatically mean the profile is fake.

If you discover a fake profile, please report this to us using the "report" function. We will then investigate this as quickly as possible and take the appropriate next steps.

Having two profiles, or creating a fun profile, is also prohibited in VZ. The idea of a social network is to connect yourself with real people. That doesn’t work with fake profiles.

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