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VZ Security Pages: Procedure in cases of bullying

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Procedure in cases of bullying

If you are the victim of cyber bullying, or see this happening in VZ – take action!

  • Don’t let it affect you: Bullies aim to damage the self-confidence of their victims. Don’t let them succeed!
  • Do not react: If someone sends you stupid messages or leaves nasty notice board entries, don’t react to them. Block the contact using the "ignore"-function.
  • Talk to someone: If you are being bullied by someone, get support from a friend by telling them about it.
  • Report it: Tell us about the incident using the "report" function, so that we can help. Our team will investigate the issue and react as quickly as possible. If a bullying group is reported to us, we will delete it straight away – together with the profile of the group creator.
  • Contact the police: If nothing works, you can contact the police: Bullying is no small crime.
  • Help: If other people are being bullied, help them. Victims feel much stronger when you stand by their side, and the perpetrator will be much weaker when he or she notices that the victim is not alone.

Never lower yourself to the bully’s level, or become a bully yourself. This achieves nothing and only makes things worse – because you are behaving no better than him or her.

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