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VZ Security Pages: What is cyber bullying?

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Cyber bullying

Threatening or insulting someone on the internet is known as cyber bullying. This type of bullying can take many different forms – in VZ, for example, it includes:

  • offensive messages, notice board entries, or photo comments
  • offending other people through the content of a profile
  • the uploading of embarrassing or offensive photos without the permission of those depicted
  • the creation or management of groups that bully others
  • the creation of fake accounts

If whoever is responsible for the action does not make himself or herself known, the victim feels particularly helpless. It may also be the case that the victim is unaware of the bullying. For these reasons, cyber bullying is particularly malicious.

It is always better to address a problem by speaking directly to the person concerned, rather than hiding behind notice board entries or in groups. Doing so might lead to some surprises – that the perpetrator is actually quite nice. This also saves your energy for the important things, like the football game at the weekend or the next party.

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