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Keinverzeichnis / meinVZ

Code of Conduct for the use of meinVZ

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poolworks Limited (hereinafter “poolworks Ltd”) operates an interactive online site which can be accessed via various domains (, and the associated sub-domains) and works as a social network on the Internet. All registered users and all registered users together constitute an integrated communications network (hereinafter “Network”). Each user is able to determine how accessible their profile will be to the members of each platform.

The following rules apply to the conduct of all users of the Network. They concern the content of profiles, groups, photos, links, and the use of all information that is accessible through meinVZ.

  1. Although this may appear obvious, it is important to stress the following point: It is a fundamental principle of our Network that all communication is conducted in a way that is respectful and sensitive to other users. Making fun of other persons, or drawing attention to them in a negative way, is unacceptable.
  2. The displaying or sharing of illegal information is not permitted.
  3. Do not send continuous messages or gruschels to a user if they have expressed they do not wish to receive them. Similarly, do not send a large volume of gruschels to a user unless they have expressed they are happy to receive them.
  4. The organisation or sending of information regarding chain letters, pyramid schemes, competitions, lotteries or similar initiatives is not allowed.
  5. Information displayed in profile and group pages must be based on truth. The information in profiles and groups, as well as in photos and links, may not be displayed for commercial reasons. Information that other users display on the Network may not be passed on in any form.
    Close Exceptions: In addition to the profiles of real users on our platform we also offer so-called special profiles for advertising partners and, for the 2009 elections, political profiles. The political profiles are for the parties represented in the German parliament and their candidates, provided they are in accordance with the fundamental values of our constitution and not are not extremist.
  6. Users are responsible for any information they display (personal details, photos and similar material) and for any consequences arising from the displaying of this information.
  7. If a profile picture is uploaded onto a profile page, the user must be recognisable in it.
  8. Users may only display information that they have the rights to. The displaying of information that concerns third parties requires their prior consent.
  9. Users are not allowed to display or share political or commercial advertising.
    Close This restriction concerns political content that is not in accordance with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. Political discussions in the spirit of a democratic society and debate between different political perspectives and programs are, of course, allowed and encouraged in our network. It is important to note that the general rules and guidelines in the Code of Conduct also apply to political discussions, including respect for other users, prohibition of mass emails, etc.
  10. The displaying or sharing of information that is racist, politically extreme, sexist, discriminatory, of a violent nature, or otherwise offensive, is not permitted. It is also prohibited to display or share any information that insults, slanders, threatens, or verbally denigrates other persons, ethnic groups, or religious faiths.
  11. Photographs containing nudity, and images of a pornographic nature - such as those depicting physical or sexual violence - are prohibited. Likewise photographs of victims of violence, victims of war, and victims of natural catastrophes are prohibited. The use of unconstitutional symbols, and the display of both motifs glorifying violence and depictions of acts of war, are forbidden.
  12. Users must treat messages with confidentiality. Messages may only be made accessible to third parties with the permission of the sender.
  13. No information may, either manually or automatically and without prior consent, be extracted, saved, edited, altered, or passed on, if the purpose is to use the information commercially, collect the information, or misuse the information in any other way.
  14. It is prohibited to create internet pages or profiles within the Network serving to extract, save, edit, alter or pass on information, or misuse it in any other way.
  15. The introduction, use, or sharing of any viruses, links, programmes or other such devices breaching the General Terms and Conditions governing the use of the network is not allowed.
  16. It is forbidden to make known or exchange passwords, codes, or serial numbers of any kind on the platform.
  17. The use of electronic attacks to change, delete, misuse, or damage in any other way, either entirely or partially, the information of individual users, is prohibited. Electronic attacks in any form on the meinVZ or studiVZ platforms or the Network’s database are likewise forbidden.
  18. Please be aware that users are required to abide by the General Terms and Conditions governing the use of the network as well as the meinVZ Code of Conduct.

Penalties for Violation

  1. A violation of either the General Terms and Conditions governing the use of the network or the meinVZ Code of Conduct will result in a warning issued to the user, a temporary or permanent blocking of the user’s account, or deletion of the user’s profile.
  2. Profiles that depict or represent another individual as the owner of that account will be deleted immediately and without warning.
  3. poolworks Ltd, as operator of the network, reserves the right to delete a profile or group immediately and without prior warning in the event of a serious breach of the Code of Conduct.
  4. In the event of a creator of a group having their account deleted, the meinVZ Team will appoint one of the group administrators as the new group creator. If there are no group administrators, the profile with the longest membership of the group will become the group creator.

This Code of Conduct is an English translation of the German “Verhaltenskodex für die Nutzung von meinVZ”. All due care has been taken to translate the German “Verhaltenskodex für die Nutzung von meinVZ” from German to English. If, despite of all care, there should be an inconsistency between the German and the English text, the German “Verhaltenskodex für die Nutzung von meinVZ” prevails.