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meinVZ is the network for real life.
Real people have real names.

We trust that you see things the same way and would rather use a network in which people use their real names. We can’t, of course, force anyone to share this viewpoint. We do not delete profiles simply because someone is using a made-up name, but we appeal to everyone to use their proper name.


meinVZ is only really fun when people use their real names

Your friends can find you

Imagine that an old school friend or more recent work colleague wants to get in touch with you. He or she will only be able to find you if you have used your real name.

Many meinVZ or studiVZ users have 50, or even 100 friends. After a while, it’s difficult to keep track of everyone unless they have their real names.

meinVZ is communication with real people

On meinVZ you can meet real people who want to communicate with each other openly. As in real life, this communication requires that people know who they are speaking with and who is writing to them.

Your Privacy is as secure as you want it to be

meinVZ offers you a range of options to decide exactly who can see what. [privacy settings]

Fantasy names don’t stay funny for long

Where’s Anne Smith from my class at school?
I can only see Anne S. The Anne, and A-N-N-E
Who’s this Loverboy666 who keeps on gruscheling me?
Who are the other members of this group?

meinVZ is not a chat community without rules of play.
meinVZ is the network for real life – that’s why your here, right?