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The operator of the websites,, and all their subdomains is

poolworks (Germany) Ltd.
D-10117 Berlin

Authorised representatives: Kurt E. Neubauer, John Pepe

Court of registration: Local Court (Amtsgericht) of Charlottenburg
Registration number: HRB 101454
Turnover tax identification number under § 27 a Turnover Tax Act: DE248186947


VZ users: For questions about the plattform go to our Help group or write us an e-mail at help[at]meinvz[dot]net

Marketing: Enquiries about marketing cooperation should be made to marketing[at]poolworks[dot]de. The contact information to book advertising space can be found under "Advertising".

Press: Please send your requests to pr[at]poolworks[dot]de

Authorities: Please contact us at authorities[at]meinvz[dot]net

Child protection commissioner: Péter Peszleg; Email: jugendschutz[at]meinvz[dot]net


The booking of display adverts and other individual forms of advertising, such as special profiles and special groups, is done through the poolworks Ltd Sales Team.
More information can be found on our Advertising on the VZ Networks info page.
Please direct any queries to the postal address above or via email to sales[at]vz[dot]net.

Advertising agencies with questions about booking banners on the VZ Networks should contact our promotions marketer:

iq media marketing gmbh
Ein Unternehmen der Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt
Kasernenstraße 67
40213 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: werbung[at]iqm[dot]de Support is not available here. Please use our help section for this.

Legal notice:

poolworks Ltd reserves all rights in its own texts, images, graphics and the overall design, including layout, font and colour design of the website. The reproduction and use of this information and/or data and any manner of copying or reproduction requires the prior written consent of poolworks Ltd. Legal action will be taken in the event of infringements. Please see our standard terms and conditions for the legal framework governing our websites.

Exclusion of liability:

poolworks Ltd is not liable for the content of user publications. This applies particularly in cases where the content posted by users infringes the intellectual property rights (trademarks, copyright, etc.) or personal rights (Persönlichkeitsrechte) of third parties. This exclusion of liability similarly applies to the content of web pages to which links are created by users without poolworks Ltd's knowledge. poolworks Ltd therefore gives no warranty as to the currency, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information published on such web pages and hereby expressly distances itself from such content. Furthermore, poolworks Ltd is not able to continuously monitor the content posted by users or the web pages to which users create links, and without any specific grounds to indicate that rights are being infringed, it is not reasonable to expect poolworks Ltd to do so. However, as soon as poolworks Ltd becomes aware of any explicit or inappropriate content or the infringement of rights, such content will be removed immediately.