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Special Groups, Special Profiles and Festival Profiles on meinVZ

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What is "My Festivals"?

In cooperation with the Festival Guide we are now bringing you the best festivals of the open air season on our platform. The Festival Guide is like a signpost: it shows you where to find the profiles of all the different festivals. Inform yourself about what’s going on, upload photos, look for ride shares, see which of your friends will be there and get back in touch with the people you met at the festival. Like the look of a festival and decide to go? Then you can show this on your profile under “I like”.

Screenshot of a Special Profile
  • My Festivals

    An overview of the festivals you’ll be going to.

  • I like

    Show on your profile which festivals you'll visit.

  • Latest news

    Up-to-date information and announcements from all festivals, straight from the Festival Guide newsroom.

  • Recommendations

    Here you can see the festivals that are recommended by the Festival Guide and meinVZ, with direct links to their profiles.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Everything you need to know to survive the campsite madness.

  • Information

    The most important details for each festival.

  • People who like …

    See who else will be there at this festival: from your friends, your university, or the entire network.