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Special Groups, Special Profiles and Festival Profiles on meinVZ

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What is a Special Group?

In contrast to normal groups, Special Groups are financed by a sponsor, such as a company. These groups often contain special functions such as videos, pictures, and links, and are somewhere you can find discounts, competitions, and the latest offers.

Features of Special Groups

Screenshot of a Special Group
  • Label

    Labelled as a “sponsored group”

  • Group description

    This is where we present the sponsor and their offers.
    These often include fantastic prizes such as tickets for sold-out concerts, trips around the world, and private gigs with music stars.

  • Announcements

    Under “Announcements” you can find out about any important news and the latest developments in the group.

  • Special Groups

    Special Groups are overseen by Moderators on behalf of the sponsors.

  • Forum

    The Forum is a place where you can leave comments and communicate with the other group members.

  • List of all the special groups

    You can find a list of all the special groups by selecting “Special Group” in the group search filter.

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