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The Glitterboys

The Glitterboys

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The Glitterboys - DISCO F**KS HOUSE!
Wir haben nur ein Ziel - Party!!
Tag und Nacht können wir an nichts anderes mehr denken
als an hochgerissene Arme, die schreiende,
kreischende Partycrowd und die Gewißheit dass
der Dancefloor brennt!


Das geschah während der vergangenen Tourtage:


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The Glitterboys are no ordinary DJ team: They are far from conforming to the average DJ standard!

Unlike many other DJs, The Glitterboys make every last aspect of their gigs a priority, enabling them to create the ultimate party for everyone. An incredible music selection and unique outfits are part of their shows and contribute to the out-of-space feeling the crowd gets to experience. To be a Glitterboy is to be the party itself!

Brian Ferris and the Glitterboys joined together as The Glitterboys in 2002 and quickly became well-known in the scene after playing shows all across Germany. They started out supporting acts such as Gigi d’Agostino and collaborated with DJs like Syke’n'Sugarstarr (who produced “For You” by The Disco Boys), Markus Gardeweg (Kontor Records), Jay Frog (former Scooter member), The Boogie Pimps, Tune Brothers, Phats’n'Small, and many others.

Kontor Records signed up the Glitterboys in 2008 and brought out their hit “Africa”. In 2009, “Suspicious Minds” and a “Top of the Clubs” mixing set followed.

Introducing themselves has never been a problem. The Glitterboys always bring a wide variety of cheerful intros and self-cut bootlegs to their shows to make giant hits out of successful chart entries and booming club bangers. They are also experienced with playing shows on television. Their greatest broadcasting success so far was when they rocked over nine million people in one weekend.

The Glitterboys’ dress code is as unique as their tunes, expressing their love for all things unconventional and Glitterboys, each live performance adds a special and fresh feeling to your event. So check back often with The crazy. DJ sets are dominated by House and electronic dance music, but since no borders can limit the Glitterboys’ website for visual impressions and do not hesitate to watch live performances and music videos on their YouTube channel.

They love to entertain you!

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