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Application guidance

When applying for a job you should think carefully about what others will think of your profile. It’s possible that your future employer may have a look in VZ to get an impression of you.
You should therefore take note of the following tips:

  • Photos
    Your profile picture, photo albums and photo links say a lot about you. If you appear drunk, for example, it doesn’t create a good impression.
  • Profile and notice board
    Think carefully about the information you add to your profile. "Chilling" and "Getting drunk" are probably not the best hobbies to include. Also be aware of any entries on your notice board that might be intended to be funny, but which could be misunderstood, such as a reference to you being a "party animal", for example.
  • Groups
    Groups reflect strongly on you as a person. Some may, in certain circumstances, show you in a bad light. This includes groups that are meant to be funny ("The early bird can get lost"), those with sexual references ("I love my penis"), or those referring to excessive partying ("We’re drinking until the doctor comes"). If you’re not sure whether or not a group may create a bad impression, visit the group settings. Here you can select that your membership of the group is only visible to other group members.
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