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Fotos und Fotoalben

Photos & photo albums

Please note the following when choosing a profile picture:

  • Everyone will be able to see it! So you should select a picture that you are happy for others to see.
  • Choose a photo of you, and only you. Be aware of "Urheberrecht" (copyright) and the „Recht am eigenen Bild“ (right to one’s own picture) – in other words, the photo belongs to the person who took it, and any individuals shown in the photo must give their permission for it to be made public.

…and the following applies to photos and photo albums in general:

  • Determine who is able to see and link the photos in each individual photo album. You can do this when you create the album, or at any time thereafter under "Edit album information".
  • Select whether or not you can be linked. This can be done in Privacy. You can decide, for example, that your consent is needed before any links appear. Links can be deleted again easily. Simply click on your name above the photo and then on "Remove link".

Have a look at our Code of Conduct, which explains in detail those photos that are allowed and those that aren’t!

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