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Politics Guidelines

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The following rules apply on our platform as part of our project “Politics in meinVZ”:

  1. Neutrality
    We, the providers of meinVZ, guarantee complete political neutrality. Anyone who agrees to the Code of Conduct, the General Terms & Conditions, and acts in accordance with the fundamental principles of our community is welcome on the platform.
  2. The Gang of Six
    To find political content in meinVZ and studiVZ during the 2009 election campaign we have created the “election centre”. Here you can find all of the candidates and groups from the six political parties currently represented in the German Parliament (in order of number of seats: SPD; CDU; FDP; Die Linke, Grüne, CSU). We are also offering these parties free special profiles and special groups with additional functions. The ordering of the parties in the election centre is done fairly, with the largest party represented in parliament in position one and the smallest in position six.
  3. Individual direction of the parties
    The content on the political profiles and the political groups is determined by the individual parties and candidates. How, why, and whether or not a party or politician is active in meinVZ and studiVZ, is not influenced by us or coordinated with us in any way.
  4. Party advertising
    Profiles, groups, and the election centre are free for parties in the Gang of Six. In addition to this, all parties who abide by the fundamental principles of our network have equal opportunity to buy advertising space, and to spread their content on our network through other means.
  5. Making up your own mind
    Politics is important. We have created the initiative “My Vote Counts” to encourage you all to vote, regardless of political affiliation. To help everyone to make up their mind there are numerous possibilities to discuss political issues. The purpose here is to allow people to decide for themselves, not to influence them!
  6. No political spam
    Spam is annoying! We’re therefore encouraging the parties and candidates not to send too many newsletters each month. Anyone who feels annoyed by these newsletters can determine at any time that he/she will no longer receive them from the candidate concerned under “Settings” (underneath the profile photos on the individual candidate profiles).
  7. Authentic and Easy
    The profiles of candidates and party groups contain the label “Politics in meinVZ”. This makes it easy to identify which content comes from candidates and parties and which content comes from other VZ users. This label is proof of a profile’s authenticity.

Do you have questions about our politics guidelines? Then come to our group Election09!