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Data Protection

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You can count on the following: VZ Datenschutz - Deine Daten gehören Dir.
  • You decide who can see your information – through your privacy settings.
  • Your personal information (your profile, photos, etc.) is firmly protected on our servers. Search machines such as Google cannot access this information.
  • If you find content which breaks our Code of Conduct or our Terms, report it – we’ll take care of it.
  • When you delete something, it’s gone. Completely.
  • We do not sell user information – we never have and we never will.
  • We abide by Germany’s strict data protection laws – and take this seriously!
  • If you find a security issue, you can contact us anytime.

Your data belongs to you!

Manifesto: Networks with responsibility.
[Consent to the Use of Personal Data]

Consent to the Use of Personal Data

Here you can read about the binding Consent to the Use of Personal Data:
[Consent to the Use of Personal Data]

Data Protection Information

Not a fan of legal language? Don’t worry, you can find out who can see which bits of your information by clicking here:
[Data Protection Information]

Settings for the use of my data

Here you can decide your advertising settings for meinVZ. Please note that these settings can only be altered after you have logged in successfully:
[Settings for use of my data]

How does the advertising on meinVZ work?

You can learn more about the advertising on meinVZ here:
[How does the advertising on meinVZ work?]