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How to Report and Ignore

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Ignoring a user

You are able to “ignore” another user if he or she is annoying you. The user concerned will then only be able to see on your profile your photo, name, and region, and can no longer gruschel you, link you, look at your photo albums, or contact you (through the message service, for example).

It’s easy:

  • Visit the profile of the user concerned and click on “Report / Ignore” below the profile picture.
  • Select “Ignore” and click on “Continue” to activate the function.
  • People you are ignoring appear on your Ignored users list under “Privacy”. You can choose to “pardon” them at any time.


Please note: If you find a friend’s entries on the grapevine annoying you can choose to simply block these entries by putting him or her in “quarantine”, rather than ignoring your friend. Your friendship will then remain unchanged.

More info about the "Report" function

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