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Special Groups, Special Profiles and Festival Profiles on meinVZ

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What’s a Special Profile?

Special Profiles let our advertising partners have direct contact with users who are interested in their products. This means you can not only discuss a particular product from an advertising partner, but can also interact with it. If you really like the partner, a fashion label for example, you can also show this on your profile: in the new category “I like”.

Screenshot of a Special Profile
  • Identification

    The link “Commercial“ indicates that a profile belongs to an advertising partner.

  • Information

    The area in which “normal“ profiles display hobbies and general information can be used by the advertising partner to display text, pictures, videos, audioclips, RSS-feeds, and links.

  • Settings

    Here you can select whether or not you would like to receive messages from the Special Profile through your message service.

  • Mutual Friends

    Here you can see which of your friends also like this Special Profile.

  • People who like … – Special Profile

    This category lets you see the other people who like this Special Profile.

  • I like – your profile

    Here your friends can see which Special Profiles you like.

  • I like

    Under “My Friends” you can find the new area “I like”, which gives you a quick overview of all the commercial profiles that you like at the moment.

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Want to learn more? Have a look at our info page about advertising on meinVZ.