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Raised on Rock

Raised on Rock

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Raised on Rock

Raised on Rock
14/08/2009 bis 16/08/2009
Festivalgelände (Michelsrombacher Straße 51)
36037 Fulda Deutschland
Music style:
House, Hip Hop, Rap, Indie Rock, Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal, Metalcore, Powermetal, Thrash Metal, Songwriter, Hardcore, Oldschool Hardcore, Punkrock, Alternative Rock, Crossover, Grunge, Hard Rock, Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Trash
Makabu, Bury My Sins, The Haverbrook Disaster, I-Fire, Medea Rising, Arise, Nungo, Loaded Dize ... [more]
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