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Army of Hardcore

Army of Hardcore

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Army of Hardcore

Army of Hardcore
Turbinenhalle (Im Lipperfeld 23)
46047 Oberhausen Deutschland
Hardstyle, Hardcore Techno & Co
Im Angebot:
Angerfist, Outblast, Masters Of Noise, , Endymion, Noisekick, Noize Suppressor, Dúné ... [mehr]
Mehr Infos:
Offizielle Website:

Army of Hardcore – The Indoor Festival 2011

More Than 80 Artists On 6 Areas

On the 25th of December the next edition Army of Hardcore takes place at the Turbinenhalle/Oberhausen (GER). More than 80 Dj's on 6 Areas with a Massive Sound, Light Show are waiting for you . But the Main Question is: Are you strong enough for the biggest Army ever ?

Line Up:

Area 1: Main 1

Special Live Act : Angerfist vs. Outblast (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Neophyte (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Paul Elstak (Offensive Rec./NL)
Evil Activities (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Korsakoff (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Live: Mad Dog (Traxtrom Rec./IT)
Tha Playah (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Kasparov (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Live: Endymion (Enzyme Rec./NL)
Nitrogenetics (Hardcore Blasters/IT)
T-Junction (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Masters of Noise (Important Hardcore Rec./GER)
The Beat Controller (Important Hardcore Rec./NL)
Tensor (Important Hardcore Rec./GER)
Re-Direction (Important Hardcore Rec./GER)
Hosted by: Mc Tha Watcher (Masters of Hardcore/NL)

Area 2: Main 2

Noize Suppressor (Noize Rec./IT)
Javi Boss (Central Rock Rec./ESP)
Re-Style (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Tommyknocker (Traxtrom Rec./IT)
The Sickest Squad (Psychik Genocide/IT)
Furyan (Rotterdam Rec./NL
Rayden (Hardcore Blasters/IT)
Art OF Fighters (Traxtrom Rec./IT)
Catscan (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Anime (Traxtrom Rec./IT)
Live: Thorax (Important Hardcore Rec./GER)
Omira (Imperial Hardcore/BE)
Rudeboy (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Tomcat (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Mc Reign (Cherrymoon/BE)

AREA 3: INDUSTRIAL/Darkcore (Hosted by Important Corestyle)

Ruffneck (Enzyme Rec./NL)
Mental Wreckage (Symp.tom Rec./NL)
Day-Mar (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Tymon (Industrial Strength Rec/AUS)
Synapse (Enzyme Rec./NL)
Lady Kate (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Unexist (DT6/IT)
Negative A (Negative Audio Rec./NL)
Lunatic & Miss Hysteria (Bassmachine Rec./NL)
Counterfeit (Negative Audio Rec./NL)
Live: Jane Ephex (Important EBE Company/GER)
Ebe Company (Important EBE Company/GER)
Paranoid Dj (Darkveuzez/GER)
KPX (Important Corestyle/GER)


Marc Acardipane (Resident E /GER)
Bass D (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Darkraver (Babyboom Rec./NL)
Critical Mass (Pengo Rec./NL)
Buzz Fuzz (BZRK Rec./NL)
Vince (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Panic (Neophyte Rec./NL)
Highlander (Inferno Rec./NL)
Predator (Masters of Hardcore/NL)
Replay (Earthquake/GER)
The Rizzler(Free Festival/NL)
Hosted by: The Syntax MC (Raving Nightmare/NL)

Area 5: Terror/Speedcore (hosted by XTreme Noize)

Noisekick (Noisekick Rec./NL)
The Vizitor (Noisekick Rec./NL)
Tense (Apocalypse Rec/USA)
RDZ (This is Terror Records/NL)
Hate Division (Atomic Annihilation Rec./GER)
Niehmant -HN- (Hartnoise Rec./GER)
Sillysickcore (Xtreme Noize/GER)
Mortum (Xtreme Noize/GER)
Hatecrator (Xtreme Noize/GER)
Höllenfürst (Hardcore Warriors/GER )

Area 6: Mixed Stylez

Squaresoundz (Megarave Rec./NL)
Kristof (Coolman Rec./NL)
Affix (Try Before You Die/NL)
Dave Dope (Gunpowder Rec./NL)
D-master (Hardcore Malice/NL)
G4bby (Head of
Mad (Fucking Bastards/NL)
Sonic-D (Cosmo Club/GER)
Evolver (Cherrymoon/BE)
Noisemaking Criminals (Imperial Hardcore/BE)
The Delinquents (Imperial Hardcore/BE)
Only (Alles naar de Klotte!!/NL)
Trypsin (Pokke Herrie/NL)
Morbius (Harder is Better/NL)
The Interruptor (Kamikaze/NL)

General Info:

Date: Sunday, 25.12.2011
Location: Turbinenhalle Oberhausen | Im Lipperfeld 23 | 46047 Oberhausen
Doors: 20:00-07:00 h
Entry: Presale € 37,50 Doorsale: € 45,00 (Presale Start 01.10.11)
Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 need a parental advise, you can download it at our website: , International Visitors need their id Card)
Specials: Lasershow | High Power Sound System || Merchandise Stand || Live Visuals by Visual Prime
Webinfos: // //


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