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Spirit of Woodstock

Spirit of Woodstock

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Spirit of Woodstock

Spirit of Woodstock
29/07/2011 bis 07/08/2011
Via Monte Falo 8
28011 Coiromonte di Armeno Italien
Music style:
Electro & Electronica, Electropop, Electropunk, Rave, Techno, Dancepunk, Folk, Indie, Indie Rock, Neo Folk, Noise Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Dance, Eurodance, Irish Folk, New Wave & No Wave, Pop, Songwriter, Synth Pop, Trance, Punk, Blues, Alternative Rock, Bluesrock, Crossover, Grunge, Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Softrock, Southern Rock, Acoustic, Coversong, Deutsch, Experimental, Instrumental, Progressive, Asiatisch, Oriental & "Arabesque", Traditional & Folklore
Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara ... [more]
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